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diversified housing in the province of Brescia, Italy



These houses, these shipping containers in fact, are provisional homes located in Brescia. In the past they were used to accommodate workers of the new metro system, being built through Brescia, but are now used as a housing solution for the many homeless.  These containers became ‘occupied’ on the 25th of April, 2013 by people of Associazone Dritti per Tutti and the tenants in necessity.  During the last couple years, the tenancy has gone on to swell up to account for 60 units.  They are not only immigrants, but as well families and also, individual Italians, who’ve had a roof they can rely on. Now the situation is quite stable, but the greatest fear, a fear that rises from the horizon, is that the Lega Nord, known for its neo-fascism, famous for, by consequence, it’s zero tolerance against migrating non-eu citizens will step in and take care of ‘management’.

None of these ‘tenants’ want this place as an end point, but instead see its opportunity; a chance, a reality as a starting position, for a better life –not a shanty slum.  They are, after all, unified or individually, trying to carve out a place in this society. The pictures were taken between January and August 2015.