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diversified housing in the province of Brescia, Italy



  To fight this economical crisis (which is suffocating Italy with an ‘arm bar’) for those in need of emergency housing, on May 20th, 2014, the law of Lupi-Renzi was passed – ‘housing plan’.  The goal was to encourage people, to become lease-holders, expand a supply of state housing, social welfare and facilitate the ‘building’ sector.  According to the Ministry of the Interior in Brescia nothing has changed.  2.238 evictions were carried out in the province of Bresia in 2014, and 2.290 in ’13.  Since 2009, with the arrival of this economical crisis, there were numerous families unable to make payment on their houses.  The low-income tenants, the ‘defaulters innocent‘ (morosi incolpevoli) were the first to suffer the consequences.  The associations complain of too few resources, to fund social housing, and long bureaucratic procedures for the distribution of contributions. On the other hand we have a poorly organized local minister’s office, unwilling to speak with the public, and especially the tenants.  Owners rightly need some of their homes, which are in demand, while social housing (Aler) isn’t enough –relative to those who need them.